From Kickstarter to Barnes & Noble...

This game was unveiled as a rough, handmade prototype at 2016 Comic-Con. At that point we only had cover art to get people excited, and a Kickstarter launch scheduled for four months away. Lucy Keifer created the game, Emily Keifer created the art, and the whole family created the created the buzz and the product. Together, they are Keifer Art

The Kickstarter went live on September 1, 2016. With the help of Sherlock Homes and board game fans, we raised 25 thousand dollars: more than enough to manufacture our first run. 

Today, Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty’s Web is available at Barnes & Noble and independent game stores across the US. We are very excited to announce our first Korean printing, which will be available in Southeast Asia in 2019. 



Keifer Art (Inc) is a family business and a family brand. It’s somewhere between a salon, invention house and a think tank, and Kathleen, Jim, Lucy, Emily, and Claire Keifer brainstorm and execute artistic visions of every kind. They have been behind gallery shows, board games, plays, films, murals, and novels. Keifer Art is following up Moriarty’s Web with another classic literature-based board game: ALICE: CURIOUSER & CURIOUSER

lucy prof pic.jpg

Miss Lucy Keifer, Game Designer

Since majoring in writing at history at Sarah Lawrence College, Lucy Keifer divides her time between board game design, ghostwriting, and college prep tutoring. Her clients include Vertigo Comics (DC), Spinmaster, Mattel, Cardinal, USAopoly, Breathing Books, Moose, and many others. 


Miss Emily Anne McGillicuddy Keifer, Illustrator & Graphic Designer 

After majoring in Cinema and Media studies at the University of Southern California and studying fine art at Otis College of Art and Design, Emily works simultaneously as a fine artist, a board game illustrator, an independent filmmaker, and in the art department for major television shows. Her fine art has won international awards and appeared in television shows, gallery exhibitions, movie posters, magazines, and of course, board games.


Miss Claire Keifer, PR & Marketing

Claire Keifer is a highly creative individual who is pursuing a career in Marketing and Public Relations. Her prior experiences have been in both the creative and business ends of marketing and development. Since graduating from Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts at The New School with a bachelors in Media, Culture, and Communication and a minor in Psychology, Claire has been working at Wills Communications Inc., an award-winning, full-service public relations & marketing communications company in Los Angeles. 


Mr. James Keifer, Game Designer & Mentor

Holder of 18 patents, Mr. Keifer invented his first game “Thunder Road” when he was 21. After a long period spent heading the board-game divisions of Mattel and Spinmaster,  he transtioned into freelance inventing and consulting. You can find his inventions “Rubik’s Battle,” “Fishing for Words,” “What the Fish,”  “All In” and “Fish & Chips” at Barnes & Noble and Target. Keep an out eye out for such games as  “Doink!,” to be appearing on shelves shortly.  

Kathleen Keifer_Square.jpg

Kathleen ‘Kate’ Keifer, Concept Development

For the past 27 years, Kate has been in the center of becoming Mrs Bennett while raising three daughters, a fine art painting career, and on the edgy edge of the Toy Industry. WAY outside the box, she’s one of those irritating-seven impossible dreams before breakfast-types.