Keifer Art Inc.


Keifer Art (Inc) is the going concern of the Keifer family. Possessing skills in inventing, designing, writing and drawing (even such things as marketing and movie-making) the Keifers find best results are achieved when they work as a collective and keep things reasonably in house. Should you care to visit them out in the wilds of California, they will no doubt be simultaneously working on five or so projects – including (but not limited to): board games, art shows, films, music videos, mystery novels, lecture series and amusement park attractions.

jim prof pic.jpg

Mr. James Keifer

Game Designer & Mentor

Holder of 18 patents, Mr. Keifer invented his first game “Thunder Road” when he was 21. After a long period spent heading the board-game divisions of such well-known establishments as Mattel and Spinmaster, he decided his talents would be better served as a game inventor and ‘consulting game designer.' You can find his recent inventions “Rotten Apples,” “All In” and “Fish & Chips” at Barnes & Noble, Target, Toys R Us and Walmart. Keep an attentive out eye out for such games as  “Doink!,” “Rubik’s Battle,” “Fishing for Words” and “What the Fish" to be appearing on shelves shortly.  


lucy prof pic.jpg

Miss Lucy Keifer

Game Designer

A recent graduate of New York’s Sarah Lawrence College, Miss Keifer seems naturally evolved for the invention of board games in a way that might interest Mr. Darwin. A woman of a regrettably scholarly bent, she has published three articles about Mr. Holmes and written indexes for such acclaimed wordsmiths as Mr. Neil Gaiman and Mrs. Cornelia Funke. On her own time she enjoys translating Anglo-Saxon poetry and studying the occult.

emily prof pic.jpg

Miss Emily Anne McGillicuddy Keifer

Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Miss Keifer attends the prestigious University of Southern California, where she studies potential applications of the Lumière brothers’ strange “moving pictures” device. In the event that this invention proves a mere novelty, she has simultaneously embarked on a professional illustration career. Miss Keifer is recently back from Paris, where she has been studying the works of the great masters.